Monday, May 22, 2006

Saturday night was "game night," our bi-weekly geek festival where we seem to actually game less and visit more as time passes.
The game started late (very sorry, again, Darrell) partially due to catching up and talking about our lives since we last got together and partially because we were breaking in the new anniversary grill Shana picked up earlier in the week. Mmmmmm. Grilled anything.
Ok, so chicken, sausage, potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes later (Only because I haven't figured out a good way to grill cake) we got around to gaming.
We are still enjoying Werewolf: The Forsaken in a storyline built by Darrell around the local area. Having a frame of reference to drop supernatural creatures into makes it more accessible for the players, from what I've seen. Darrell is able to give each of us a reason to continue playing and participating in his modern campaign. This is more of a challenge than you'd think because in a modern campaign any character can theoretically charge a ticket to Europe and derail or end everything.
Hmmm. Note to self: Have character purchase First Class ticket to Prague.
Anyway, as Darrell's Gamemaster gift expresses itself, every mistake our characters have ever made (plus a few that we might have made or almost made) is just coming back around to boil over and kill us a lot.
Also, I have to thank Darrell here for letting my character tie up some messy loose ends left over from my own character creation story. While it had nothing to do with the main storyline, my character was still allowed to resolve some stuff. Closure is the mark of a true storyteller. Especially 100% improvised closure while one is hopped up on sugar and nicotine.
Darrell, I thank you and Eric the werewolf underwear model thanks you.
Since upgrading to my brand-new all-awesome all-the-time domain name, I've signed up for Google domain mail. If anyone would like an actual, honest to goodness, "" email address, please let me know. Before you ask, "" is already spoken for. So is "Soccergrrl1996".


Pamela Moore said...

How to grill cake:

(I was a Girl Scout, so I know everything.)

Prepare cake batter, any flavor you want.

Cut a circle out of the top of a bunch of oranges, enough oranges to hold all of your batter. Scoop out the orange guts carefully so as not to damage the "shell."

Fill each "shell" 2/3 of the way. Set each orange shell carefully on the grill and monitor like you would a regular cake. Turns out pretty good.

Garrick said...

Challenge accepted.

Joe said...

If you cover each cake with a pat of butter and some bacon it will be even better!

Mmmmmm ... butter and bacon ... and grilling.

Darrell Davis said...

Seriously sign me up, Can anyone think of a screen name I can use that isn't going to be used against me?

Garrick said...

No problem, Darrell. I've already reserved "" for your use.

Seriously, pretty much everything is available, so if you've ever wanted a really short easy to remember username now is the time.

Darrell Davis said...


Gee's get it right.

This is not a Challenge. It was a joke. Please, Please, Please don't.

Garrick said... was already taken or you know that would have completely happened.

I'm surprised more people haven't jumped on this one. Nothing says Classy with a capital "K" quite like a email address scrawled proudly across resumes, business cards and the walls of public restrooms.