Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back To School

They sent Gwynyth home last night, having determined that free access to the Disney Channel, snacks and a motorized bed which could be made to lift itself five feet in the air with the repeated press of a button were doing nothing to motivate the healing process.
Ah, medical science!
This really makes me want to set up shop in a van parked on the side of the road with a set of hypodermic needles, some spring water, and a giant homemade sign which reads "BOW-TOCKS".
To be fair, stuff happens everyday which makes me want to do that.
Anyway, Gwynyth has a bunch of new asthma medications and some stuff for an upper respiratory somethingsomething.
And she was able to return to school with a note from the hospital and some type of blood/oxygen probe she swiped on her way out with no machinery to interpret the data.
I only managed to get away with some kind of collapsible blue plastic vomit-catching device, its partner having been used following Gwynyth's fifth breathing treatment without food to dilute the effect.
In other news, parenthood can be kind of a mixed bag at times. A mixed bag with horrifying contents.
Most importantly, she feels better.
In work-related news, I got a report on current vulnerabilities in my servers which must be addressed immediately.
There were thousands of lines in the spreadsheet and a note in the email telling me everything had to be done immediately.
Except that several new servers were marked to be decommissioned. And several other servers, some which had been turned off for months, were flagged to be corrected.
There were items which were noted as having issues which had been removed from the scan as acceptable risks. Almost all of these had, in reality, been corrected already.
However, the presence of the Terminal Services component, on which the sole purpose of these servers rests, was labeled as a finding instead of a business risk.
In short, I have seldom seen as much complete fiction crammed into a single Microsoft spreadsheet.
It looks like I will be spending the next few days just trying to figure out what is valid.
Some of the listed scan times on this data pre-date my employment here, so a lot of stuff I've done hasn't, apparently, been noted.
This makes me sad and more than a little ill.
It is a very fortunate thing that I just happen to have a blue plastic vomit-catcher.

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