Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm in training all day today. I'm not sure exactly what I'm being trained to do, but lunch is provided so I'm pretty cool with it.
All day yesterday was spent on the phone with Microsoft, pointing out the way their various technical articles conflicted with reality and in some cases the rules of grammar and punctuation.
They were, as one might expect, reluctant to admit to either charge.
Additionally, I had another career milestone moment in which I dropped off a separate conference call by saying, "I have to cut this short. It looks like I have to walk up the hill to the tower building and kick (other conference call participant's name deleted)'s ass."
By the time I'd arrived, the other participant's opinion on the matter in question had changed, so I missed the opportunity to add physical assault of a co-worker to my resume/police record.
Sometimes the promise of physical violence is enough to end workplace discord. I occasionally long for the moment when application of violence is required.
If anything interesting happens in training, I will definitely be surprised enough to blog about it.

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