Thursday, February 05, 2009


I haven't mentioned it in a while, but I've been adding to the total MyCokeRewards points in my account even after the holy-crap-my-kidneys-hate-me-PlayStation-Art-Project of '06.
Some of you have been sending me codes, and I appreciate it.
Between my own addiction and that of others, I've been entering the maximum 10 codes per day and have a substantial stockpile.
While waiting for something awesome to turn up as a reward, I've collected . . . Um . . This is a little embarrassing . . .
I've collected (input, not counting the codes yet to enter which are in boxes and bags stashed various places) 10,136 Coke Reward Points.
I bought a Playstation 2 one time for 850 points.
Anyway, according to an email I got earlier this week, the daily code entry limit is being lifted on the 16th of this month. I was happy about this, thinking I could burn through the giant bag of unentered caps in a weekend. Or two.
But then I read that they are replacing the 10 daily code limit with a 120 point weekly limit.
So. Caps are 3 points, 12-packs are 10.
Theoretically, I could enter 10 12-pack codes a day for a weekly total of 700 points.
I could also enter 70 caps for a total of 210 points.
But now, with the "code limit" lifted, I'm screwed.
This is a bad sign for the program. When they start limiting redemption you have to wonder if the whole process is being phased out.
The email continued to say that all rewards over 2000 points would be going away in favor of smaller rewards people could get faster.
In other words, anyone who hasn't cashed in their . . . let's just say . . . 10,000 or so points is just going to have to cash those in on crappy junk prizes in volume and get on with their life.
For some of us, this life will include replacing Coca-Cola products with Pepsi.
Pepsi float? Okay.
Can of Pepsi Max right out of the fridge? You bet.
Rum 'n Pepsi? Whatever.
I can live with the end of this program. And not being brand-limited is going to be liberating.
I'm a little depressed about this though, to be honest.
And my liver hurts.

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