Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Hobbit Movie

After the crazy success of the latest Transformers movie, I've decided Michael Bay should just make all movies from now on. For the good of the economy.
Towards that end, I've gone ahead and created the story board for Michael Bay's The Hobbit.
My contacts in LA are pretty limited. Actually, I just know Pam and Andrew, to be completely honest.
This is fine, though. Since 'The Hobbit' has been long overdue for an update anyway, recasting the dwarves as professional dancers just makes sense. Finding a picture of Andrew on a motorcycle sealed the deal.
I hope you enjoy it.
I also hope Pam and Andrew don't kill me.

Click for larger images:


Red said...

Holy crap this is hilarious! I love the use of the Doodlebug as well. Awesome! This is the movie I want to see.

Garrick said...

I'm glad you approve.
I figure $300 million should cover at least the first part of production. As long as the studio doesn't get all squirrely it is a guaranteed hit. I'd play Gandalf for a cut of the action figure revenue.

Andrew Moore said...

"This guy is dragon me down." Classic!

What a hoot!