Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mercenary Work

The word came down this morning that overtime is no longer approved for my group. Since I tend to do a lot of my work under cover of darkness and in buildings devoid of witnesses (as any good tech ninja does), this means I have two choices:

1. Work enough to get my job done, meet all my obligations and cause no harm to befall my employer. My billing for time halts at 40 hours (generally sometime mid-morning on Thursday) but I continue working for the following two days and into the weekend.

2. Drop everything when my desktop clock has ticked off 40 hours and flee the building, leaving meetings in mid-babble, not responding to emails and shutting off my phone, and ignoring an ever-growing mound of things undone.

Anyone care to guess which option I have chosen?
Since option one is the revenue equivalent of swallowing a live spider for me, this should be just about the easiest pop quiz ever.
Nonetheless, please slip your answers under the door and I'll return your grades Thursday afternoon, from home.

1 comment: said...

Option 2 them to death.