Monday, December 18, 2006

Okay. Maybe I didn't make the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks for 2006 (rigged contest) but I'm not bitter.
After all, apparently I've been elected TIME Magazine Person of the Year. Take that Wired! People only read you for the Zima ads anyway!
The article in TIME talks specifically about bloggers and people who use "Web 2.0", or modifiable content as I understand it, as being the "You" in question.
I'd like to thank the little people who made this all possible:

1. Hobbits - You guys put New Zealand on the map for people who don't raise sheep.
2. Yoda - Your spinning lightsaber action tested the limits of CGI.
3. Emmanuel Lewis - Even Michael Jackson needs a true friend. Good luck with the comeback.

We did not see Eragon over the weekend. Jeremy Irons is probably awesome and John Malkovich almost certainly is, but I know it will be released on DVD eventually. Also, I read a review that suggested that the re-telling had made an eleven-year-old fan of the book cry because of all the changes.
Also, the author was published at 15 or something so I'm almost required by law to hate him.

Last week my Director's Administrative Assistant stepped into my cube with an angry "You have twenty hours."
"To do what?" I asked, instantly panicked.
"You have twenty hours of vacation and you have to take it by the end of the year."
"Oh," I said, my voice returning to a less squeaky pitch, "I'll figure it out."
"No," she shook her head, "Come to by desk right now so that I can finish the calendar."
So I did. I needed Tuesday afternoon off. Shana is going to have some quasi-experimental medical treatment and I'd like to be there or at least home to meet Gwynyth's bus.
"So why don't you just take the rest of the week off?" she asked.
I did the math in my head. I'm horrible at math.
"Are you sure?" I was still trying to make three and a half days equal twenty hours.
"You've got coverage for that time."
"I guess I do." I stared at the long blue line of vacation for a minute before agreeing.
So. Tuesday afternoon I skip out early and don't go back until the 27th. This is the longest (employed) time off I've had in over seven years. In fact, if you add the days off for the past seven years together I doubt it equals this stretch of time.
Gwynyth is in school until Friday. I plan to practice at Dead or Alive: Hardcore until I can beat her down as my own holiday miracle.


Shana said...
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Shana said...

Wired doesn't know what they're talking about.

Now, Time...That is a quality publication crafted by well educated and culturally aware big thinkers. You can tell by the way they chose 'you'.

Nathan said...

You fool! If you had taken off 3 days next week you would have had off from the 22nd to the 2nd. Im sure once you get through the math on this one you will see the light.

By the way, thanks for you and your Wife's help during my christmas shopping spree during working hours; I was lost without ya'lls insight.

However my bank account is now happily pissed off and tells the stores to stop accepting my plastic. Wait... could that be because there is no money in it?!