Friday, December 15, 2006

Well, it's over.
Wired has announced the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks of 2006 and (though I'm sure it would have been different if they'd been seeking the Top Eleven) I was not chosen as a finalist.
I find consolation in the fact that it doesn't look like any of the other public nominees made the list, either.
I lost count around 70 nominations, but I'd like to thank everyone for giving it a shot anyway.
My final nomination came in just hours before the "official" list was posted.
I continue to get emails and IMs about it, even post-crushing defeat. Let me say this: Sorry, ladies (and Hank2099). I'm a one-woman geek.
While not bitter (never bitter) I have to wonder at the point of asking for public nominations and then ignoring them. I don't have the number of readers that Wired Magazine has, but if I ask a question here and get a comment I generally respond. Unless I'm drunk. Or bitter (never bitter).
But I've moved on. I'm above it.
After a few hours of hiding all the print copies of Wired behind those of Home Knitting Companion at two local Borders and three Barnes and Nobles, I've decided to take the high road.
Sure, I posted quite a few horribly offensive comments on several unrelated blog postings on the Wired website through various anonymous web proxies, but what does that really accomplish? I mean, besides obviously making me feel a whole lot (really just an almost obscene amount) better?
And maybe I spent some time on competing web forums, flinging allegations of gross misconduct, drug abuse, and kiddie pr0n about the bloggers in the employ of Wired Magazine .
Perhaps I called them poseurs, charlatans, liars, n00bs, hacks, corporate whores and yes, maybe even secret supporters of the Bush administration, but we all know I didn't mean it. They probably didn't vote at all what with all the time they spend running their little exclusive popularity contests.
Of course I'm not angry. I understand. Everyone is entitled to a paycheck. Even if cashing it crushes the dreams of some (visually stunning) cube-farm dweller who isn't interested in buying a one inch banner ad on every 1,000th page refresh for $1500 a month.
Maybe it makes them feel bigger to put the rest of us down. Maybe they should feel bigger. Maybe I helped. Maybe I spoofed their return addresses and replied to "enlargement" related spam emails which were caught in the corporate spam filter for most of the afternoon. Because I'm all about taking the high road.
And looking good.
That's what I do.


Andrew said...

Some of those jerkys live in my want I should, uhh.....take care of 'em? And by that I mean egg their house!

Garrick said...

That would be awesome. As long as you drive there on the "high road" I think it is fair game and much appreciated.

Pamela Moore said...

I think the dogs can scare up some Cleaveland steamers to deposit on their doorsteps as a thank you for holding such a fair and honest contest.

Garrick said...