Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I don't want to come off like a whiner. Unfortunately, I am a whiner, so coming off as anything else is always a bit of a stretch. Today, I hurt. I still have that nasty H-shaped bruise and the whole left side of my chest feels like it stopped at the gym on the way home and freaked out a Spinning class by pedalling for a few hours as though it were being chased. As far as I can recall, however, the left side of my chest was with me all day yesterday. It is quite possible I put too much strain on it moving equipment and going easy on the elbow. This has taught me that my elbow is responsible for its own well-being. I can't have it dragging the rest of me down -- Especially when just holding my arms in the proper keyboard position hurts as a result of my coddling it.

Okay. That is probably enough complaining. The important thing is this: Today's post comes with required viewing. If you haven't seen it already, the Ironman trailer demands your attention. While I never doubted that Robert Downey Jr. was perfect for the part of Tony Stark, actually seeing it in polished trailer form caused my opinion to solidify, to congeal into a thick lump of barely contained fanboy glee. Since Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng is the place for confessions, I feel compelled to admit that I was never a huge fan of Ironman. There were always much cooler super heroes and, as a child, Tony Stark's struggles with substance abuse were fairly meaningless to me. When I read them today, I appreciate it, but when I was little Rom Spaceknight was my metal-clad hero of choice.

Anyway, Ironman. The movie isn't coming out until May and this makes me sad. Of course, The Dark Knight isn't out until July and this also threatens to send me spiralling into despair, though I'm coping (in my opinion) admirably well.

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Freaking awesome.