Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not, so much, working


I took the day off from EVERYTHING on Monday. I'm back at my desk today, but let me tell you -- yesterday I was much less vertical. What did I learn?

I learned that my presence in the house during the day was not stressful to our cats. It seems they do every day what I did yesterday. I tried to emulate as well as I could, though they seem to possess an unnatural talent for just falling to the carpet mid-stride and being asleep before they slide to a stop. I wasn't that good, but I have rug burns on my chest from trying.

I learned that on rare occasions AT&T experiences an outage in the coverage area which impacts both my personal and work phones making them unable to get a signal in my house at all. Actually, I knew that already. What I learned is that I love AT&T for that.

Today I'm back at work. I've got a bunch of emails I probably should have checked yesterday and I suppose they aren't, as they say, going to delete themselves.

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