Friday, September 14, 2007

Moore Pr3++y

GeekyRAM Hey! The shirt showed up in Southern California and is being enjoyed by its new owner!

In this image, we see Andrew Moore sporting his brand-new "Karma. Kicks Me In The Junk Every Time." Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng T-Shirt. You may recall that Andrew provided the slogan for the banner proudly displayed at the top of the page.

I believe I requested an "action shot" of the shirt in use. I requested it for a number of reasons. First, it allowed a post without a Google Image search beforehand. Second, I needed some semi-tangible proof that Zazzle had, indeed, shipped the shirt.

Finally, I've known Andrew forever and knew (on an almost molecular level) that he would offer a picture that invited (nay, demanded) discussion.

To begin, Andrew looks fabulous for reasons beyond the exceedingly classy shirt. His jeans are seemingly distressed in a way that suggests a casual contempt for purchasing jeans which are pre-distressed in some third-world sweat shop. The level of "weathering" suggests many hours spent in the active creation of art. These are not faux ranch hand jeans. These are all-night, coffee-fueled brainstorming jeans. If more people legitimately developed right-brain wear patterns in their garments the world would no doubt be a better place.

A corn cob pipe adds a touch of dignity to the ensemble. The pipe itself indicates Andrew's disregard for convention. While able, no doubt, to enjoy a smoky refreshing tobacco-fueled trip into "flavor country", Andrew uses this pipe as an accessory to this outfit in a way that makes it seem much more likely to contain other substances. Bubbles, perhaps?

The photographer seems to have captured Andrew in a candid moment of T-shirted enjoyment. It isn't as though people commonly pose with a mandolin unless they were in the process of . . . mandolining . . . at the time. Further, this is the finest image of someone preparing to "Rock the Druidic Enclave Old (really old) School" that I have seen in recent memory. Nice mandolin, my friend. And that last statement is 30% less flirty than it probably sounded.

Finally, Andrew's expression conveys a sense of joy which can probably only be achieved through the concurrent application of a corn cob pipe, a mandolin, and a T-shirt which simultaneously references an ancient Hindu philosophical belief and a violent act targeted at a humorous slang term for genitalia. 

I think I speak for the rest of the readers when I say that our bliss-oriented shopping lists are pretty clearly spelled out.

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Andrew Moore said...

You got my number ... except for the pipe. Captain Black, my good man.