Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shana tova!
While my test of switching my Windows clock to the year 5768 had extremely grim consequences for some of my software settings, we are still looking forward to Rosh Hashanah this evening.
Before then, I have approximately a zillion miles of cable to run in the server room in anticipation of some rack moves this weekend which are necessary in order to accommodate a brand-new inter-rack glycol cooling system. Most of the equipment will be on the roof of the building, but supercooled fluid will be piped down, circulated between the racks and pumped back up.
This should prevent the issues we had last winter when the building chiller went offline and the servers cooked themselves. Unless this extremely complicated and no doubt robot-dependant system fails.
If we are lucky, the failure will cause another server cook out. If things go as I fear, bringing services back online will involve a trek through a swamp of knee deep, lukewarm glycol. I've never dealt directly with the stuff, but I suspect it qualifies as a "goo" and is therefore something I would try almost psychotically to avoid getting "on me".
On the bright side, my boss will finally get those freaky steampunk vent tubes out of his office and will be able to move back in there full time. This allows us to better track his movements. You know. For the good of the company.
The new cooling system should work well enough to keep everything in there nice and reasonable until we hit the next issue.
Actual physical space.
At the moment I think there are at least ten new servers waiting to be built and installed . . . somewhere.
We have ordered a new rack to mount them and the new rack will be installed . . . somewhere.
We already have to rearrange about four racks to reclaim about eighteen inches of space for the new cooling system.
I suspect that placing more server racks in that room will mean the installation of an emergency escape hatch for use in case of fire or robot uprising.
I hope the escape hatch has a slide. I like slides.

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