Saturday, September 15, 2007


To: (username deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement)

From: Pass, Garrick

Subject: FW: Technical requirements

Good morning,

I hope this email finds you in good health. I know we've all been really busy lately with the tight project deadlines recently put into place, so I'll jump right ahead and explain about the subject of this email.

You can clearly see that the prefix to the subject is a "FW" and not an "RE". This prefix is generated automatically whenever someone forwards something from their own "Sent Items" folder -- As I have done here with my repeated request for clarification of the guidelines of your original business technical need. Were this email a reply to your answer to the questions I originally asked, we would see a much more friendly "RE" there, followed by some text in the body of the email where I thank you for your time and promise a speedy turn-around to what I had originally assumed to be a fairly pressing technical issue.

While I truly hope that my next email to you is prefixed by an "RE", I can almost promise further delays in responding will result in shorter and shorter "thank you filler" material.

In closing, I'll relate an amusing factoid/anecdote from the Technical Services team.

One of my dear co-workers (who is well familiar with my love of collecting odds and ends) dropped off an amazing piece at my cubicle earlier today. It is a gorgeous and quite solid-feeling rusted metal pipe, blunt on one end but with a nasty, wicked-looking sharpened other end.

I just thought you'd like to know.

Eagerly awaiting your response,


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