Saturday, February 16, 2008

Art History

My friend Todd was recently in Jerusalem.

As if I didn't already want to go enough, he sent me an awesome picture of some authentic Israeli street art. The proud tradition of embellishment of public and private buildings and streets goes back as far as there are historical records.

There are examples of Jewish art throughout the Middle East, of course, but also in communities all across Europe and America from documented immigrant populations, in the most remote African wilderness and (according to some) even in the American West scattered among more typical Native American artworks.

But to see even a digital image (iPhone-captured) of Israeli artwork from the modern streets of Jerusalem fills me with what can only be described as awe.

And I confess I feel closer than ever to the Jewish community.

I'm posting it here because it must be shared. May it bring you the same feeling of unity it brings me.


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