Friday, February 22, 2008

An Interesting Kind-of Offer


And we head back to irritating the Microsoft Windows set . . .

So I've said that Mac OS X is intuitive and a good deal prettier than the face Microsoft has long shown the world, even in their latest version, Vista, which is generally noted at the end of software reviews with something along the lines of,"Even with all the flaws and annoyances in mind, Vista is pretty."

I've noted this publicly on enough places on the internet that I have apparently attracted a bit of attention. Not that I shy away from attention. Ever. Its just an unintended side-effect in this case.

I said that the Remote Desktop Client for OS X, produced by Microsoft, is better in many ways than the client they issue with Vista, in terms of ease of access and unobtrusiveness and just generally solid Mac-ishness.

I've also noted, sometimes in ALL CAPS, that Microsoft Office for Mac is the only office product I would ever ever ever use, since the interface is nice and Mac-looking and better laid out than the Office 2007 crap strewn all over my work PC hard drive. And Google Apps completely meets my needs for that, regardless of OS. Or location. Or anything.

Anyway, a PM through one of these same message boards claiming to be someone from Microsoft wants me to consult on possible changes to the Office for Mac interface for future releases.

They are looking to take the current look and feel of the Mac-friendly interface and, um . . . you know . . . "crap it up" I guess. So that Windows users who switch to Mac will be more comfortable with a transition which includes Microsoft Office for Mac.

It makes sense, in a way.

In a really weird way.

If they throw money, I'll do it. 

We here at the Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng internet Advisory Council and Buffalo Chicken Quality Control Headquarters don't crap up anything for free. That's just our policy.

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Thag said...

Holy Sh*t! They ARE watching! For the record: I use Gnu/Linux with Fluxbox.