Monday, November 24, 2008

Still Sick

But I spent a lot of time at work this weekend anyway.
In order to make up for my total lack of post on Friday, I'll post some pictures I took while I was working. Who doesn't love pictures?

Here is the sign on the coffee machine where a dollar will let you watch dark liquid get squirted into a cup behind a plastic door. After it stops, you can take the cup and drink the "coffee" if you are brave.

My father teaches Latin, so he would know better than I would, but I'm pretty sure CafeDiem does not mean "Live for the coffee". In fact, as far as I know the Romans never had coffee. That's why there is no Roman Empire anymore. At least according to some spotty research I've done.
This machine is the only place to get coffee at all after work officially closes. It is kind of a geek destination near the cafeteria.

Look! Stairs:

Nothing special about these stairs late on a Saturday afternoon, really. People could totally walk up and down them for hours if they were really really bored.
The stairs are not good for our disabled employees, though, and we here at (company name deleted) are all about workplace diversity.
So, here is a ramp configured at a standard one inch per foot incline:

In the upper left, you can just see the stairs from the last picture.
As ramps go, this one is pretty nice. I used it myself quite a few times while trying to figure out why I've been working Saturdays lately.
The slope is gentle and it invites the user to elevate himself slowly.
Of course, the destination is the point in utility building access fixtures, right?
So I ask, what the hell?:

The wheelchair ramp connects the street to this blank brick wall. On either side is some type of vent.
There is no building access anywhere near the wheelchair access ramp. The access is all about the ramp itself, it seems.
I'm not suggesting that this landing is a poor destination, really, but there are nicer, more shaded areas in other places.

Anyway, it looks like our security work over the weekend broke some stuff no one tested. I'm going to go over to the Application area to express concern which I do not feel.
Go, Team Theatre Degree!

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