Monday, November 03, 2008

A Very Geeky Halloween

Look! Our house had a Mac-O-Lantern!
While largely condemned as "geeky" and "elitist", I think my pumpkin turned out quite nicely.
Our quiet little cul-d-sac featured absolutely no trick or treaters. Zero.
We actually had to walk Gwynyth across the golf course and into a more populated neighborhood.
I decided to take advantage of the fact that I haven't had a hair cut since moving to Columbia to fulfill my lifelong dream of trying this costume:

While it may look like just another stunningly attractive I.T. guy in a red shirt, please allow me to remind you of the existence of this guy:

"I had a report due on space, so I looked it up in my Encyclopedia Brittanica."
Note the awesome five and a quarter inch floppy on that machine behind him. In vintage hardware circles, we call that a "tricked-out 5-dot-2-5".
When this commercial was made, computers like that one didn't connect to a global network of interwebz, and school children were forced to look things up in piles of shredded trees known as "books".
These were very, very dark times.
There was no Wikipedia to quickly settle arguments, so simple trivia questions were often settled with grim fights to the death. The only weapons a man had were his wits and crudely sharpened stones lashed to sticks with animal sinew.
Google was only a dream and there was no single web portal to solve all our problems with a mouse click.
Tell me my costume doesn't scare the hell out of you.

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