Friday, April 03, 2009

Pictures Tell A Story

In this crappy cellphone picture taken from the second floor window just behind my desk we can see a couple of interesting things.
The point is the large yellow stain on the parking lot.
That's pollen. And the levels have actually dropped in the past couple of days.
I'm used to a light dusting of the stuff, but here I guess the pine trees produce enough that it actually forms drifts on sidewalks and discolors drains.
The piles were high enough some places at the beginning of the week that I could swear I saw bedouin tribes setting up tents on a couple while they passed through South Carolina.
A co-worker told me this is not a particularly bad year for pollen, really. He said if I grabbed and shook a pine branch it would look like it was snowing.
However, I learned in biology class exactly what purpose the trees have for pollen and I really don't want to involve myself in that. I mean if the trees are going to get busy out in public that's their business and who am I to judge? I just don't have to assist.
The other feature of the image is the top-notch pre-dawn parking job done by me. I like to sprawl out in a space a little, apparently.
The guy next to me (and directly above the pollen mound) took my favorite spot like he does every single day.
According to my custom, I dragged my keys down the side of his car in retribution like I do every single day.
He's tried fooling me by driving a different car just about every day this week but I haven't fallen for it.

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