Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm on it! Wait. What?

Tuesday the 21st will be the official first anniversary of my employment at my current company. Since I was made to jump through all kinds of hoops to get my badge access extended I must assume my contract will be renewed.
As remarkable as a that is in itself (I've requested a party with cake) the most amazing thing happened yesterday.
I had a meeting with my manager where we discussed my roles and responsibilities. Essentially, we went line-by-line over the job description I threw together months ago as a goof.
The end result is that 51 weeks after starting my job, I have been told what it is that I do.
The 51 week honeymoon is over -- Time to start cracking user skulls (maintaining control of the user acceptance testing process) and looking at LOLcats (tracking the latest trends in activity of various Internet subcultures).
While fifty-one weeks may sound like a long time to be administratively adrift, I have spent that time doing actual work. It is just now all divided up into stuff I do and stuff I farm out to other groups.
And, to be fair, fifty-one weeks is actually a record amount of time to be without a job description.
This job description beat the last record by a full eighteen months, the previous record holder having been Reliant Energy which told me after two and a half years what stuff I should cross train my overseas replacements to do.
Oh, but I trained them so hard!
And I'm pretty sure when I was done none of them had retained the skills to use a mouse.
Anyway, next week "Year Two" kicks off. If I were Batman, I'd totally be fighting The Reaper and dealing with Joe Chill before getting retconned, joining forces with Robin, then having the whole thing written off as null and void after the DC Universe re-sets itself. Again.
But I'm not Batman, which is pretty good for the whole Batman concept, were I to honestly examine my behavior, look deep inside myself to evaluate my motivations and core ethics. Which I'm not.
Both as a matter of my personal "No Self-Examination" policy and because it is not in my job description.
Hmm . . . "Not in my job description" has a pretty nice ring to it.
I'm going to create an email signature now.

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