Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Hate Downtown


About 3pm on Monday I was informed that I'd be working off-site on Tuesday. Downtown. Enjoy the commute. Have fun paying to park in a pigeon-choked, pot hole-filled lot. Don't bring your lunch, over pay at one of the health code-skirting, yuppie-crammed stink boxes they have down there.

Or something like that.

And so I went. And I did my job. And I didn't complain. And I contributed to the economy.

And as a manager snagged me on the way out the door to ask me another time what it was I'd been doing all day, he interrupted himself to ask,"Why are you looking at me with that look of contempt and hatred?"

And I suspect that though he was kidding, he had to make a conscious effort to be kidding.

Because I hate going downtown.

And I hate balancing the checkbook.

And I hate not quitting my job.

Stuff I'm not good at I hate due to personal policy.

1 comment:

Darrell said...

Whatever! Houston has no traffic and a very high standard for food prep areas. Why not use our awesome public transportation system. Hopefully you got a chance to take I-10 to 59 to where ever you were going. As that would be the least stressful way. Not that there is a stressful path in houston.
btw where did you get the picture of traffic? Can't be Houston I could see road.