Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Polling Place!

Let me show you it!

Well, I could show you it. But taking photos in the polling place is strictly prohibited.

If I did show blatant disregard for the rules, the pictures from our trip to vote in the primaries might look something like this:

Republican side:


Democrat side:


Gwynyth asked why the lines were so long on the Democrat side. I explained that Republicans are efficient and able to process a vast number of voters in a fraction of the time. I'm not sure she believed it either, but in looking at both lines I suspect Tuesday began a lifetime of voting Republican for one little girl who loves her country very, very much.

This touching moment capped a day which was an emotional roller coaster for me. Some events in a person's life just toss ice water onto his or her emotional crotch. The thing so chills a person that he knows nothing will ever be the same.

Tuesday, March 4th, Gary Gygax passed away.

The inventor of Dungeons and Dragons, old-school.

Before TSR screwed him over.

And then Wizards of the Coast absorbed them and crushed their souls.

And then Hasbro pwned them corporate-style and passed the assault onto the customers.

Gygax was a visionary. His need to add words and math to what was essentially playing with little army men on a table prompted a lot of people I know and respect to develop a love of reading, pass advanced math classes and not date until after college when the money started rolling in.

His game allowed us to shed our geeky shells and live in our imaginations, however briefly, as noble knights, bookish wizards and laconic woodsmen. And sometimes the art in the earlier publications had an elf nipple or two in it hidden among the kobolds and orcs.

We will miss you, Mr. Gygax.

I poured forty ounces of funny-shaped dice on the sidewalk Tuesday evening, like the ancient vikings once did for their own dead. Or something.


There is a big-time major announcement on the future of Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng Publications tomorrow, so please feel free to come back and hit the refresh button again and again until the big reveal.

It should be loads of fun for everyone either way.

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Darrell said...

First Off /Cry! /Bow /kneel
Good bye King of all that is RPG!

Second.. So no hints? Nothing? just check back tomorrow?????