Monday, March 24, 2008

Role Reversals


I've spoken several times about the natural order of things in our household. Shana and I each have natural gifts and weaknesses and we each tend to gravitate towards responsibilities where we can each contribute the most to the good of the family.

In the case of this impending move to South Carolina (Columbia, for the record. Its the Capitol! Did you know that? I think we may have at one point, but who keeps track of these things past 5th grade quiz day?) we have moved towards our opposite roles.

Shana is insanely pretty (no pun intended) and almost phobic about speaking on the phone. So in this case, while I sit around and look pretty, she is contacting movers and negotiating our best cross-country rate.

The initial contact is by email or web form, but then they call. And call and call.

Shana does not answer, so I've been having some fun with fielding the calls.

"Shana can't come to the phone right now but this is her husband, can I take a message?"

"Sure. This is whatever-whatever moving company and I wanted to speak with her about her estimate regarding a move to South Carolina. I can be reached at (lalalalala-series of numbers I don't write down because I know Shana has them already, probably in a labeled manilla folder, alphabetized by mood.)."

"Okay, I'll let her know -- Wait! Did you say move to South Carolina? She's moving?!?"

The response on the other end is so freaking hysterical I can't even describe it! 

One other bit of news:

Jane and Ted can has blog. zOMG teh blog iz teh funny!

May it be frequently updated and continue the current trend of awesomeness, srsly.


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is to make sure to check the movers with the BBB :)


Jane said...

Thanks for blog props, which I hereby dub blops.