Friday, October 31, 2008

Planned Activities

First, don't be the person that dresses their puppy up like a bunny and posts pictures on the internets. Put the animal in something dignified and add some meme-worthy caption.
Animal humiliation in the pursuit of meme is completely forgivable.
Gwynyth will be dressing up this evening and we will take her door-to-door to beg for sugar.
My costume is all prepared, as well.
Around our house, the costume concept is more important than just about any other Halloween-related activity.
I tend to start the costume design process about six weeks before the end of October. By tradition, I discard the original idea sometime between the 20th and the 29th of October and wear something else.
Gwynyth will be dressed as Glenda the Good Witch (or, as she says, "Galina", since she is a big fan of Wicked).
Halloween around our house is almost a non-event, though, since we tend to decorate using skulls and random creepy cats year round.
After the begging, we will adjourn to our house to defend it from egging and have some friends over.
Until then, I'm celebrating at work.
This is a lot like my daily work celebration, though, in that it revolves around tricking users and trying to keep management from noticing that my travel mug is filled with gin.
I lost the "bizarre socks" contest early on this morning, my multi-colored skulls on a red background falling to second place to calf-high witches with googly eyes.
The weird part is that I forgot it was bizarre sock day completely and just happened to be wearing my skull socks.

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