Monday, February 19, 2007

Perhaps I misspoke.
I've gotten comments about my post from Friday night. I was running on four hours sleep in forty-eight hours and was not as clear as I'd have liked.
If it came off as a pay-it-forward, love-your-fellow-man, kindness-is-the-best, freeway hugfest kind of thing, I apologize.
That is far, far from what I'm about.
This just goes to illustrate that a lack of sleep requires that I actually drink more diet cola than my system can process, flushing my coherence into a swirling morass of prose that comes off as hippie drivel.
The post should have been clearly labeled as a hack. Not a computer hack, but a traffic hack.
Since I started slowing down in the slow lane, not a single driver who entered the freeway in the gap I'd created has waved hello. Obviously, they missed my attempt.
However, if they need to wave their thanks at the car that let them merge, then obviously there is congestion at that point on the highway and the whole system is broken.
To further clarify, the kindness merging drivers experience is merely a side-effect of my own attempt to reduce my drive time. If I could accomplish the same thing by making sarcastic comments about the other driver's parentage, driving skills of personal hygiene I would most certainly prefer those techniques.
I hope that clears things up.
Alright. Let's move on with our lives, shall we?
I was at work until after 5am Saturday.
The servers were all patched. Hopefully, next month they will all still know what time it is.
If not, I've done what I can.
Less than a week after the big Daylight Saving Time live test on the 10th or whatever, I'll be back up here at midnight again to do whatever it is that needs to be done while the systems are offline.
I understand the need to not make changes and apply fixes during the work day. Monday morning isn't a good time for anyone, but Friday at midnight until Saturday at 6am is a bad time for me.
Of course, while the firewall was down for maintenance, I may have tested our internet connectivity using my current favorite network verification tool, World of Warcraft.
You'll be relieved to learn that our connection was solid and unwavering.
To fully test, of course, I needed to smash all manner of creatures and take their stuff, as was written in the prophecy. I'm nothing if not thorough.

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