Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday afternoon, we watched Zoom, courtesy of Netflix.
I can't comment on the quality of that film on the advice of legal counsel, but hopefully I've done the proper paperwork to ensure that Chevy Chase will never be wasted in a Tim Allen movie again. Chevy Chase should be set free to do his own mildly profitable films.
Okay. Now that that is out of the way, I can explain why I was too tired to leave the room even as Courtney Cox continued to make the goofiest faces I've ever seen on someone playing a "brilliant genetic researcher".
Saturday night, my friends, Azeroth needed me.
Someone asked me recently what the worst or most destructive or most easily spread virus on the internet is at this moment. That virus is World of Warcraft.
I infected my friend Todd with the 10-Day trial and he passed it on to his brother Brian in California through a phone call. Computer viruses spread through phone calls, people!
Within an hour, Todd had canceled the 10-Day trial in favor of the full, paid subscription thing.
Saturday night the three of us ran around Teldrassil (the night elf starting area) righting wrongs and killing things to take their stuff.
It was kind of like a combination of the Justice League and that kid in Middle School who was always saying "Why you punching yourself? Why you punching yourself?" in the lunch line while swinging some poor nerd's arm around like a puppet.
And then a spider ate me. To be fair, that spider jumped me right after I'd finished a fight with an owl. And he refused both my cries of "time out!" and "not the face!"
Spiders are nasty like that.
So, through the wonder of a three-way call, we were able to carefully coordinate our assaults on the evil creatures infecting our fair woodland home and amuse ourselves an almost ridiculous amount with the "/dance" command.
I'm telling you, "/dance" just gets funnier and funnier as the night gets longer.
"/dance" is worth the monthly fee all by itself.


Anonymous said...

Zoom sucks

Garrick said...

Yes. Yes it does. An almost criminal amount.
In fact, I'll bet it has been banned in Florida.