Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And the big, awesome moving adventure begins! The movers showed up Monday morning at around 2pm and immediately began complaining about our packing. They began meticulously unpacking and re-packing everything. Shana is a careful person. She used plenty of padding and state-of-the-art cardboard and plastic moving containers. However, it wasn't good enough, apparently.
Also, while she had spent hours on the phone and internet configuring a manifest for the entire move, it looks like the company underestimated the weight of the items.
I would think that pots and pans weigh the same on all parts of the planet, but apparently at our house in Houston there is more gravity. This in no way explains the BMI of the cats, but it does explain how our move estimate (of around $5000) shot up to double before the truck was even fully loaded.
I freaked. Oh, how I freaked.
The thing is, they told me our stuff was already partially on the truck. They could unload it and just charge us $4000 for packing it, or just take it to Columbia.
Upper management told me another company could probably come and complete the move, but they would charge more for the actual drive since there isn't any profit margin in it. "All the money is made in packing and packing materials".
Realizing I had no choice . . . Whatever.
But the foreman called me twice to tell me that he'd been trying to help me out and now that I'd thrown a big fit he'd have to charge us for everything instead of cutting corners, so I expect an "unloading fee" or extra mileage because "Columbia is father than it looks" or some kind of weird cubic foot overage penalty I'd need math skills to argue.
You have heard these places are all scams. And now you have heard it again.
Also, the move which was supposed to be complete yesterday is still happening, or will resume happening sometime before noon maybe.
And they have no promised delivery date for our stuff. Nice.
It takes two days to make the drive, but they estimate 21 days in transit.
Right now I've added them to the list of companies I hate, right up there with Accenture, Comcast and Shell Oil.
Once my plan for global domination is complete, changes will be made.
Note to self: Finalize the plan! Stop looking at lolcats all day and just finish the thing!
But wait.
Ahhhh. That's better.


Jane said...

Will you hate ADM with me too? They're basically responsible for high fructose corn syrup.

Garrick said...


Also Bayer. Just because.

I have so much hate to give.