Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wii Don't Go Outside Anymore

"One more game"
"Okay, one more"
"Bring it"
"One more"
And that is how Gwynyth misses bedtime now. Well, I wouldn't say she misses it, really.
But the action involved in swinging the controller is somehow addictive. Like "Space Invaders" addictive.
I frequently flash back to entire summers spent indoors.
Those were the days.
Since I've long been convinced that the sun is actively trying to kill me, I'm completely okay with this new development in our currently box-filled lifestyle.
There are worse ways to lose time.
Right now, we have this new thing going on at work where we no longer go to our cubicles. Instead, we spend all day in a classroom vaguely converted for use as a "War Room" where issues with the current project are examined down to creepy insane detail. After analysis, blame is assigned accordingly (or in certain cases shared) and then we vote on an appropriate follow-up action. My vote is always to "wait and see", which almost always wins due to the by-the-hour pay scale most of us use. As a bonus, there is no activity involved.
"Wait and see", as a policy, has a lot going for it. I've been classified as "careful" and "methodical" by members of I.T. upper management. Any other industry would just tell me to wake up and fix something.
As a matter of fact, I've been instructed to not fix anything specifically.
I've been tasked with making sure that one team trains another team to scan some servers. Then they mail the raw data to a third team for report generation. This report comes to me for analysis, but the instructions from management to all three teams is to make sure that I don't do any of the "actual work". While this makes me feel a little bad, at the same time I can fully support the concept of not doing actual work, as it is a lifestyle I've been cultivating for years.
It is a relief to finally have a use for that skill set.
It will be a further relief to unpack more stuff this evening, even though there is a tedious "document and inventory busted things" follow-up task to almost every box.
Gwynyth has been helping Shana as much as possible during the day -- Which generally means taking a nap in an out-of-the-way area.
Someday, that kid will have an I.T. career which will make mine look like busting rocks in the sun. You can see it in her half-open eyes as she tells us that we are moving boxes too loudly while she is trying to sleep.
Also, tonight I plan to beat her mercilessly at Wii Boxing.

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