Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oh, No! Saturday Post!

Something must have gone terribly wrong!
I don't drag politics into Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng.
Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng is too pure to get down in the mud with the scumbags and fight it out.
Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng is about the high road. Not specifically taking the high road, mind you, but just keeping tabs on its location in case I need a speedy escape.
However, McCain's Official Blogger just said nasty things about my people (paragraph 4), so I feel obligated to respond.
It is possible "Official Blogger" Michael Goldfarb doesn't check his facts any better than the all of the Unofficial bloggers (small 'b'), but I'd Google before hitting 'Publish' just in case.
He obviously forgot about Ziggurat-Con, which was all about awesome because a bunch of troops deployed in Iraq (about as far from Mom's basement as an American can get) wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons and a bunch of gamers back home sent them gear for that. They even got rulebooks, dice and supplies from Hasbro (who currently owns Dungeons and Dragons).
Thousands of people in the military play games, online, console and pencil and paper. McCain claims our troops as his base, but obviously only the ones who do not roll dice around with their friends.
I'll give him credit, Goldfarb's apology is pretty epic, but the sad fact is that Obama has had a booth at every major gaming, sci-fi and comic book convention since he announced his candidacy. McCain has made no effort to reach out to us at all. His first acknowledgement of gamers came in the form of an attack on his website.
If he'd like us to get out of the basement and vote, he should ask. Hell, we can vote absentee during a roll for initiative. If there is a grapple check to be made, anyone not directly involved can head down the the polls and wait in line while that gets worked out. Holy crap, grapple rules in 3.5 are a freaking nightmare!
Anyway, my anger isn't lonely anger.
Here is Hasbro's response.
I'm still amazed, I suppose, at the ignorance some people have about gaming and gamers.
My Mom lives in Louisiana. If she even had a basement it would totally flood due to the high water table.
For the record, this is not an official Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng endorsement of Obama.
It is a specific "OMGWTFNOOB" directed at McCain.

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