Friday, September 12, 2008

Unable To Connect

Sometimes things are said in a way which can allow some room for interpretation. For example:
When Blizzard asked me to participate in the closed beta test of the new World of Warcraft expansion, I took it to mean something like "Hey! Come play! We'll copy your character over with all her stuff. It'll be awesome!"
What they really meant was,"Hey! This is a beta test. If everything were working great we'd charge you for this."
Anyway, I downloaded the client. It was almost 2 gigs.
The first patch was over a gig.
The next four patches were about a gig total.
My ISP hates me even more than they already did.
However, this morning I logged in to the beta for the first time just before work.
Since Webinara is still being copied from her home server to the beta one, I just created a new character.
Wrath of the Lich King features the Death Knight, the very first ever "heroic" class in the game.
The Blizzard definition of "heroic" is "starts at level 55 and avoids the slog up from level 1".
My definition of "heroic" is tied to the word "hero" and merely has some vague feelings of good deeds associated with it.
Blizzard's definition works here, mine does not.
In the three quests I did before realizing that I really really really was going to be late for work, I received my commission from the Lich King himself, crafted my plague blade, and slaughtered an unworthy pretender.
During the next three levels, I understand that my new Death Knight is supposed to shrug off the shackles of the Lich King's authority and join with the Horde in the struggle against him.
However, from two meetings with the guy, I know he talks a pretty good talk, really.
I mean "unstoppable evil" isn't . . . good, I guess, but it's also not something to side against.
The word "unstoppable" is in the name.
I asked him if I'd have access to dental coverage if I stayed past my scripted 3 levels.
While he had no answer, I can tell he was thinking about it.
If there is a 401k, I'm going to stick it out through level 80 as a cog in the great evil machine.

At what point does this become too realistic?

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Darrell said...

Gratz on The Beta. I'm in Warhammer. WoW is honestly probably the better looking game but wow suffers from Asshats. :) Gratz on the Death Knight