Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sunday morning I spent a little time running through a half-completed Death Star to hunt down the final bad guys in The Force Unleashed.
Apparently, there are two possible endings, a Light Side and Dark Side.
I'm not, at this point, sure where the decision is made between good and evil. In that way, The Force Unleashed is a lot like real life.
It varies from real life in that you can pretty much Force choke your way through every obstacle and Force lightning anything you can't choke.
Duel Mode easily justifies the cost of the game itself. The fact that the storyline and characters are interesting is a fairly delightful bonus.
On the Wii, the mechanic for Force battles (matching the position and movement of the on-screen controllers like Dance Dance Revolution) makes the player concentrate too much on the edges of the screen and not enough on the actual action in the middle.
Successfully pulling off the Force move triggers a computer controlled scene of Jedi awesomeness which is fun to watch.
Between missions the cut scenes are what moves the story from "kill all these people" to "kill these more different people" and on through to "Look! People! Kill them!" in a pretty cool way.
Between these full-on voice-acted character development moments (and the cut scene before the Death Star lasts 12 minutes) and the awesome Force moves, I'm almost left with the feeling that The Force Unleashed is best in Duel Mode as a player and best in the actual single-player campaign as a spectator.
It would have been an epic movie.
I'd trade two and a half of the prequel moves and the last half of Return of the Jedi for a Force Unleashed movie.
Provided Ben Affleck does not play The Apprentice.
I'm not saying that the single-player campaign was without its own joys.
The boss fights are fun and beating down someone who looks even a little like Jar Jar Binks is almost uncomfortably satisfying.
I actually dragged that fight out by letting the guy heal up before beating on him again.
Several times.
Until it got boring, really.
Plus about half an hour.
Man, I totally beat the snot out of that guy.

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