Monday, March 02, 2009

Another "Snow" Day

Since the mere rumor of snow here causes school to close, Gwynyth is home today.
There is no snow. There is no excessive moisture. Even if the ground were wet, it is not freezing.
This is the second time hysteria has resulted in excessive Disney Channel viewing. I am starting to think that the school district gets some kind of kick back.
Of course, schools have to get funding somewhere.
Saturday night Gwynyth and I attended the Girl Scout Princess Ball. Apparently, Father and Daughter dances are a big thing around here. We were invited to three of them.
The decorations were adorable and Gwynyth had a good time with some girls from her troop who shared our table. There was a speaker and a long line for food, so pretty much everyone was fidgety by the time it came to actually dance.
After "the" dance, Gwynyth and the rest of the scouts hung out on the dance floor until we were all asked to leave.
I decided that I should avoid activities where I can watch other people parent. The guy next to me was so busy with his BlackBerry I went from feeling bad for him to feeling bad for his daughter.
After about an hour of brief interaction with his child, he buzzed again and gestured angrily at the screen while saying,"Next time your mother should bring you because then at least she wouldn't keep texting me!"
I had no idea which parent to like less. I enjoy knowing who to dislike and by how much. This is a statistic, a rolling mental graph even, which fuels my every interaction with the people around me.
In the end, I just helped Gwynyth and the other little girl with their crafts and managed trips to the water fountain and buffet for both.
I think we would definitely go again. After the scheduled activities Gwynyth actually managed to have a good time in spite of grown-up attempts to leave that out of the agenda. She can generally squeeze fun out of any boring old thing if there are other kids around.
And we will probably be invited to another three of these things next year.
Maybe more if word gets around about how fabulous I looked.

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