Friday, March 13, 2009

More Pictures

I decided to go through the memory card on my camera phone to see what was on it.
I tend to snap pictures when I find something which amuses me with the intention of later using the pictures to amuse you, internet.
Sadly, almost everything was too blurry to use or (more often) something I took a picture of and can no longer identify.
There are a couple of "What was I thinking?" images, sure, but most are just things I have no memory of ever wanting to document, much less the actual documentation process.
Anyway, I do have a couple which may be worth sharing.
Girl Scout cookie season is over. Gwynyth sold absolutely no boxes in the initial pre-sale, but I dragged about three cases to the office where I just left them against the back wall of my cubicle to quietly sell themselves. They were quite good at that.
I did have a few days to examine the packaging and grabbed this photo of one of the boxes:

This Girl Scout is wearing some kind of headset with a microphone. I'm not sure why she is, but art is always interpreted through the same lenses we use to view our lives. Our own experiences add color and meaning to still images. In this way, the artist and the viewer are co-creators in a shared art experience. A work is never complete until viewed and interpreted.
In this case, given my experiences, I have to assume she is leading a raid in World of Warcraft in her attempt to earn the "pwning n00bs" merit badge. She seems to be smiling, but in fact this is her determined grimace as she calls out the Warlock for "standing in the freaking fire" and yells at the Hunter to "control that freaking pet before it causes a total wipe". She has also likely just promised to dock the Mage 100 DKP for pulling aggro off the Main Tank like a jackass.
I have no idea why else she would be wearing a headset.

Speaking of the shared interpretation of art, I had the opportunity to visit a showing of some artwork by people participating in an Art Overcoming Addiction program. There was some really good work, completely flying in the face of the semi-proven fact that no good art is created without the use of mind-altering chemicals, otherwise known as the Phish Theory of Artistic Expression.
This piece caught my eye:

These tigers are awesome. The proportions are right and the shading is subtle and effective. The tiger on the right seems incredibly surprised at the attention from the tiger on the left, though.
If ever something needed to be "LOLcat'd", these tigers are it.
The piece is available for purchase from the people running the program.
It is titled "Licking Tigers", which is about as honest a title as I've ever seen.

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