Monday, March 23, 2009


Yeah, not so much.
I ended up in my cubicle for twelve hours on Saturday completing tasks impossible with users accessing the systems and co-workers asking for my help with crap.
Anyone contemplating a career in the fast-paced, high-rolling world of I.T. needs to be prepared to sacrifice a few weekends to productivity.
They should also probably visit with a therapist for a few hours a week until they figure out why they keep putting themselves in situations like this.
Of course, I'm not a doctor.
Someone who is a doctor (David Blumental) was just named the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. He'd like to do away with paper record-keeping altogether and go to an all-digital system on a national scale with the purpose of allowing easier portability and doing away with the millions of remaining fax machines. As medical advances go, I think that ranks up there with the reduction in use of leeches in medical treatment and the adjustment of ill-humors in the brain through drilling.
Just getting a prescription from a doctor to a pharmacy is only slightly better today due to the elimination of thrown mule shoes and busted wagon wheels in transit.
Imagine a world where your medical information can be emailed between doctors or entered into a nation health database to be accessed by whatever specialist you get referred to.
Imagine a pharmacy no longer required to decipher arcane scribbles on scraps of paper in order to provide you with the chemical agents needed to keep you out of the bell tower.
Now, imagine having a couple of years experience securing medical records to government standards.
It's like having a license to print money. Imagine that.
If your imagination made the money look something like this, thanks for reading this blog for the past couple of years:

Anyway, over the weekend progress was made and hours were racked up, so the secondary and primary objectives were met.
Also, a good bit of time was spent in discussing and then acquiring lunch. For the record, it was a burger.

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