Monday, October 01, 2007


I've been distressed for a while with the state of the directory where our music and video is stored at home. I'm even less happy with what iTunes chose to do with it. Access everything by search? Why can't I look by directory name?

I wanted a web interface for the whole system. Something which displays the files in an easy to understand format and streams them to whatever system accesses them.

This means I needed both a web front end to display and deliver and a database back end to keep everything organized.

I decided to use the computer which currently hosts the files as the server and installed WAMP. WAMP provides an apache webserver and MySQL open-source database engine which runs on Windows.

For the actual engine and page itself, I installed Jinzora. The installation itself was fairly straightforward, with the only addition I found to the official instructions being that the style seems to need to be set to "Classic" during the installation. Otherwise, a weird circle of errors occurs which causes the person installing the system to curse both loudly and vigorously. After installation the style can be set to something less "Classic" and more "Awesome".

Further, I can add new files to the system dynamically without re-scanning the directory again and again.

Yes. Most of a Saturday. On purpose and of my own free will.

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