Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Official Off-Time: Day One


1. Woke up half an hour after I normally get to work.

2. Walked my kid to the bus.

3. More coffee (big manly mug).

4. Read geeky news on the interwebz.

5. Posted an in-character entry on the Revamped guild Wiki page.

6. Visited the Apple store online to gaze upon the 24" iMac in wonder at its total lack of Windows Vista.

7. Logged into World of Warcraft to do my daily quests for much-needed gold.

8. Remembered that all servers are down for weekly maintenance on Tuesday mornings.

9. Back to the Apple Online store for a while. The Macbook Pro is the fastest Windows Vista laptop.  Macintosh gets bonus points for not caring if you run Vista on their laptop at all.

10. WoW servers are still down.

11. The coffee maker is empty. Vanilla Coke Zero, For The Win.

12. I attempted to play with one of the cats.

13. The cat, bitter at having been awakened, gently warns me away by opening a 4" scratch on my forearm.

14. Why are all the Band-Aids kid-sized?

15. Holy crap. I'm still bleeding. This is the fourth paper towel.

16. Stupid cat.

17. After a surly look from her, I begin to type more quietly.

18. World of Warcraft is still being "Maintained".

19. Should my shirts be organized alphabetically by color or brand? Perhaps I'll just make more coffee. Or I would were the kitchen not so damned far.

20. Lunch. We made a game of trying to find a server without a tattoo across the small of her back. I won -- And as my prize I got to stop looking.

21. Groceries. The checker seemed somehow angry with our food, repeatedly slamming each item across the bar code reader and then tossing everything down the slope to the bagging station.

22. Back home -- In which groceries were put away and more coffee was brewed.

23. We vow to better plan the awesome for tomorrow.

24. Mmmmmm . . . . iMac.

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