Thursday, October 18, 2007

Because Knowledge is Power


I've been in a training class the past couple of days. Actually, I went home sick in the middle of the first day. That's how we know my illness was real. Why would I choose to go home when I'm not being expected to do anything at work?

Anyway, the important part is this: When the trainer was navigating his Start Menu while his laptop screen was projected on the wall, I noticed his shortcut for World of Warcraft. It was amazingly easy to shift the conversation to his Tauren Hunter, the upcoming game patch, the best places to farm for gold and an in-depth gear analysis.

Nine million subscribers is a lot of people. Statistically, if you are sitting in a Denny's at 2am with 32 other people and none of them play World of Warcraft, you must buy a copy on your way home. Statistics were not made to be casually disregarded. If they are broken, the whole foundation of "Math for Business Majors" would unravel and countless collegiate athletes would be forced to take actual math classes.

Now. Importantly. In an earlier post, I reviewed the Transformers movie which, I've also mentioned, came out on DVD this week. What I didn't mention was the store exclusive version.

Best Buy has a deluxe Transformers which comes with a little plastic anime-style Optimus Prime.

Wal-Mart has a deluxe Transformers which comes with a CGI prequel to the movie which features (among less important things) robot fighting.

Target has a deluxe Transformers which features a DVD case which transforms into a slightly flattened but still awesome Optimus Prime.

If I want the transforming case and the never-before-seen prequel, I have no choice but to buy more than one copy of the movie. As a long-time advocate of robot combat, this feels a bit like a slap in the face. It feels a bit more like a punch in the wallet.

I'm going to take another approach and wait for the DVD to go on sale for $8 the day after Thanksgiving. If possible, I recommend you do the same.

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