Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Chair!!!

Let me show you it:


What, I ask you, the crap?

There is some kind of manager's meeting in the office today. I got up to grab something off the copier and my wheelie spinny office chair got ganked and dragged into a conference room.

Then, the two stacked boxes of copier paper I was using as a seat were returned to the copy room on my next coffee run.

So now, my only seat is the empty husk of a Dell Dimension XPS R400. There is a sticker on the top which lets me know that the device is ready for Y2K.

That sticker does not comfort me.

In fact, my ass has been asleep for the past 20 minutes and I'm having some trouble feeling my feet.

Note to Management: You can go ahead and put a minus sign by the "Team Player" bullet point on my next review. I want my freaking chair back.

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