Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Inappropriate Things

1. Gruul the Dragonslayer is a giant monster in World of Warcraft who requires a minimum of twenty-five players to fight/kill.

2. The Arena System in World of Warcraft allows the creation of 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 teams which are named by the players.

3. Winning or losing in the Arena system has only a marginal difference in points awarded at most levels of play.

4. The best name we could come up with for our very own 2v2 team was "2 Gruuls 1Cup".

If you get the reference, I'm sorry. If you don't, please go on about your life without further research into these matters. It is for the best for all parties involved.

Moving on:


To: Marketing

From: Staff Photographer

Subject: Some editing required before publication


I got the picture you wanted. I went ahead and used Photoshop to mark the nerds with our standard "delete me" red boob tag. Just airbrush out everyone but Bono and maybe put some women in bikinis or something. Anything would be an improvement.

Even getting this shot was a pain. Gates kept touching Bono's ass and then his Windows Vista compatible sweater seemed to blue screen.

Good luck fixing Bono's face so it doesn't look like he hates us all and is pissed to be doing something about AIDS or whatever.

You up for coffee later?


Staff Photographer

p.s. Keep an original of this for historical purposes. Seconds after I took the picture Steve Jobs stormed in with a strike force of iNinja Fembots and destroyed all sentient life in the room in a swirling vortex of razor-sharpened death. You know. Like he does.

Of course, Michael Dell was uninjured.

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