Thursday, January 31, 2008

We'll be okay


Sure, Shana is out of town for a couple of days.

Gwynyth and I are just fine.

We are both mature enough to take care of ourselves.

For a few days, we can remain civilized. We can prepare our own nutritious yet nacho-based food. We can (probably) keep ourselves relatively clean, considering. We can make our appointments and meet our obligations. We can "for once find our own damned pants", as the no doubt common saying goes.

So far, neither of us has started a campfire on the floor of the kitchen to cast shadows on the cabinets and tell tales of the dark gods of the forest. We have refrained from fashioning instruments from the turtle shells we've been gathering by filling them with shells. We know enough to know that those shells can be traded to the neighbors for food and protection from the ravenous packs of carnivores which prowl the grasslands of the suburbs.

Of course, neither of us has been home all day, either, so all bets are off starting around 5pm CST.

This will not be like last time Shana went off on an adventure without me. There will most likely be no incident where I curl up into a ball on the carpet listening to Sting and slice my grief into my legs with the shattered remains of my favorite Boyz2Men CD. No, that CD is long gone. I will not put on a bunch of black eyeliner and mope about in a buckle-studded black shirt and moan about how awful life can be.

This time, Gwynyth is with me so my time will be spent making chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, most likely.

Shana will be back Monday.

Geek miss Shana very much.


Geek make coffee. Offer sacrifice to Kona gods for good harvest.

Geek bang rock on bigger rock make happy sound.

Geek try not get tears on sweater mess up cashmere. 

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