Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Me Not Words Good User

Garrick, you have a third more issues on the latest security scan than you had last month. This is unacceptable.

I've gone over the report, I think I see the problem.

I just want everything fixed.

I understand, but there is bad data in the report.

False positives?

Not really, but look. See how this finding shows up three times? One is server one, the second is server two and the third . . .

The third needs to be fixed.

I can't fix the third. It isn't real.


It's a virtual address shared between server one and two.

Like a virtual server?

No. Server one and server two share a clustered IP address.

Can you log in and fix it?

No. I can log in, but I'll either be on server one or server two. It's a clustered address.

It showed up on the scan. It has to be fixed.

It isn't a device. I can't fix it.

You have to fix it.

There is nothing to fix. I can fix server one and server two. I will fix server one and server two.

Will that make the finding go away for the third address?

Yes, but it will show up again next month with whatever shows up for server one and server two.

Then you have to fix it.

But it isn't real.

It's on the Device Matrix. That makes it real.

It's on the Device Matrix because it showed up on a scan, but it showed up as either server one or server two.

So every scan is going to inflate our findings by a third?

Yes. We have to get the clustered address out of the Device Matrix.

It will need to be decommissioned.

It can't be decommissioned. It doesn't exist.

So, it's like a cluster?

In every definition of the word.

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