Saturday, November 04, 2006

15,135 words.


katy said...

16089. And it doesn't entirely suck.

(And have I mentioned that none of it happened between 1 and 9:40 pm? It's been a very long day.)

It was great to see y'all today.

Shana said...

You guys are competitive. And unfair. I am slow and have not made 10,000 words yet.

I will never make it - I am washing out.

katy said...

You just need to wear colors that go with your complexion. Then you'll be all glowy instead of washed out.

Oh wait...

You *WILL* make it. We're just being insane--you're still ahead of the daily goals. Obviously, since we're such overachievers, we just need to be looking to hit 80k.

Shana said...

I am still slogging along. Doing research while writing - something I should have tended to long ago.

Poor Garrick continues to write - amassing an impressive word count even as I buzz in his ear about my latest entry. My need for a critic a little less harsh than the one I hold hostage inside myself.

Sigh - what have we done?