Thursday, November 23, 2006

American readers of Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng know that we have a tradition in this country.
Every year, we spend at least 364 days as completely ungrateful asses, making snarky comments about everything, hating everyone we come into contact with, and slowly poisoning our fellow man with sarcasm and bitterness. Or maybe that is just me.
Either way, we have a day specifically to put aside most of that and think about things that make us happy. What are we thankful for?
Some people respond with "family". Okay. I can see that. I suppose it really depends on the family, person to person. I can imagine that some people are thankful that family lives far away.
Others would answer with some intangible like "Freedom" or "Justice". They may list a reason, but I've generally dozed off from the turkey by that point. Or tuned out with the theme to Airwolf running through my head. Again.
There are joke responses to the question like "I'm thankful I'm not at work right now" and "I'm thankful there is still another slice of pumpkin pie because I haven't yet actually split open". I'm not thankful for these attempts at humor.
I like to carefully consider the things I'm thankful for right now, today. You know, because yesterday and tomorrow are both gratitude-free zones on my calendar that stretch to meet each other on the other side of the year.
Right now . . . I'm thankful that PC sales are predicted to completely tank at the end of the year thanks to Microsoft botching the release of Vista for the holidays prompting everyone to hold off on new computer purchases until they can get Vista pre-installed. Fear-driven PC discounts are completely Airwolf, especially with my own machine freezing up and making weird, unnatural non-PC noises right now.
I'm thankful that AMD and Intel have both purchased a graphics chip company in the last couple of months, further depressing the costs.
At the moment, I'm thankful that Black Friday is shaping up to be a sleep-in and log-on event tomorrow as opposed to the traditional wake-up-at-4am-and-hustle-through-the-crowd-in-the-cold-and-dark kind of thing.
Finally, I'm thankful for my black wool British commando sweater with the action patches on the shoulders and chest. Even the people around me in their cargo shorts and flip-flops seem to suspect that I could kill them a dozen ways with a deck of playing cards. They would be right about that playing card thing. I'll detail the methods in a future post.

Oh, and thanks for reading. Seriously.


Andrew Moore said...

OMG you have a Brittish commando sweater? You lucky dog! I've wanted one ever since watching the "Robot" episodes of Tom Baker's Dr. Who! The Brigadier sported and olive drab version, and I've had patches envy ever since!

Tell me you don't have a matching Brittish military beret!!!

Garrick said...

I've got the black beret, my friend.

I just can't bring myself to wear it. It just seems so . . . French.

Andrew Moore said...

If you grow a big wooly moustache and keep it nicely groomed and manly, I think that will cancel out the Frenchness of the beret.

Also, Beatle boots will help.

katy said...

Somehow I doubt Garrick's ability to grow a big wooly moustache.

Not that I'm making any assumptions about his masculinity, of course. I mean, he's spawned...

Garrick said...

I'm manly!

I'm wearing flannel RIGHT NOW!

Imported, Italian flannel just like a lumberjack.

Shana said...

Garrick - I am looking at you now.

You have no facial hair and haven't used your razor in a week.

Also, that flannel is from J. Crew.

Your hair is getting long though - get a hair cut, hippie!

Garrick said...

I'm still pretty.