Monday, November 27, 2006

Whoa! Consumerism hangover!
I've been through denial: "There isn't anything worth buying."
And anger: "Sold out! You only had ten? What the hell is wrong with you?"
Followed by the bargaining stage: "I'll never open my wallet while surfing a hot online sale again! I swear!"
Lapsing into depression: "This stuff is going to show up and I'm not even sure where to put it. Next week, it will all be hopelessly outdated."
I'm still waiting for acceptance, which I imagine will be something along the lines of: "I spent too much. Fine. I'll do it again next year after living with out of date stuff for fifty one weeks. It is the circle of life."
We did attend a parade in downtown Houston on Thursday morning. Simple math breaks down like this: Crowds + Clowns + Kicking over empty beer bottles on the street + Parking downtown in the maze of one-way streets = Not Airwolf. But the floats and balloons were neat.
I did not understand the Latino gang group of participants with their Scarface outfits and bouncing hydraulically modified low riders, but on reflection they may have just merged in ahead of Santa. I know I would have. Who likes driving behind old people?
The NaNoWriMo book is complete. It will need a book two before it is publishable, but I'm already working through the ideas for that one. I may edit book one during December, or concentrate on holiday stuff until the first of the year.
At work I'm still in the flaming middle of a disaster recovery build out. I'm hoping to have my current task list trimmed down to a manageable level by the end of the week so that I can start next month with room to breathe.
Or not. I work well under pressure. I sleep well under cats.


Andrew Moore said...

Congrats on completing the book!

I'm about 10,000 words away myself (oh the agony ... the horror!)

It's in the 60s today in Los Angeles, overcast and rainy. I'd rather be at home with the dogs!

Garrick said...

10,000 words is completely doable.

Do you guys get severe weather warnings for temperatures in the 60s and clouds? Isn't that like a sign of the apocalypse out there?

Andrew Moore said...

Invariably there are horrible accidents around town. Typically caused by stupid SOBs in SUVs who think they can drive on wet streets the same way they drive on dry. i.e. fast and reckless.

Thankfully, the Santa Ana winds will be back mid-week, so we'll be going into December with good beach weather.

Pamela Moore said...

I had to wear a sweater today since it was so cold. And I wore a coat. I think the low tonight is going to be 53. That's just horrible! The end is near!