Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hey everybody,

This is a special evening update. I found out Wired Magazine is taking suggestions for the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks. A person doesn't even have to register to nominate someone.

Do the right thing. You know. Like you do.

I'm off to pick my outfit for the swimsuit competition.




Anonymous said...

So ... let me see if I understand this ... you want me to ... vote?

Perhaps I should vote for an independent candidate, huh? You know, a third party kind of guy? Someone who is neither a conservative or a liberal geek? Hmmmm?

I mean, it isn't like my rejection of the geek political process will affect anything? It isn't like my action, or lack thereof, will alter the outcome of this, right?

Does Kinky Friedman count as a geek? Maybe I could vote for him?

No ... that would just be silly.

Garrick said...

No problem, Joe. You have every right to throw your vote away.

I'm a winner on the inside.

Anonymous said...

And, gosh darn it, people like you.

Garrick said...

I'm shaken. Are you mocking? I'm pretty. Right?

Damn it! "Pretty" is all I've got!

Pamela Moore said...

Dude, you have no picture up to support your claim to sexiness. Seriously. Tech ninja won't do. Get your hottie wife to shoot some pix with your flowing golden locks and post them on your blog. Make a little effort if you're actually campaigning for this thing.

Also, don't wear pink in your photos.

Garrick said...

My current beefcake photo is on Shana's blog.
In defense of the "Tech Ninja" photo, there are some other factors that qualify it as "Dead sexy".
First, in the background you can see a children's festival in a church parking lot.
What you can't see is that out of frame I'm not wearing any pants.
The photo is intentionally cropped in order to not distract from my posts. I want people to love me for my mind.

Anonymous said...

"I want people to love me for my mind" ... I think you might want to look for another criterion for affection.

Remember, you are the guy who made me watch "Monster Island". And let's not even mention the proper use of a smoker box attached to a grill ...

But, if it makes you feel any better, you're much prettier than I am.

Garrick said...

That does make me feel better.
No one died from watching Monster Island or from my smoker box abuse, so I don't those should disqualify me.
I still think people should love me for my manly, virile, throbbing mind.