Friday, November 10, 2006

29,558 words, but I was trapped at work until after 10pm last night waiting for most of the time.
Take that, Maryland!
As a consequence of my getting home after 11 (there was an emergency, kind of, too geeky to get into) and still getting up at 5:30am to be back to work for the debriefing meeting, I doubt my ability to even hit 30,000 today.
I'll give it a shot anyway and here is why:
Late last night I started finding really weird typos in the stuff I'd just written. Transposed letters, random words from the conversation around me, parts of a to-do list for this weekend . . . All seamlessly integrated into the plot!
Of course, I haven't read it this morning. It is entirely possible I've destroyed everything of value and will need to restore my novel from before my exhaustion enhanced writing frenzy.
Lucky for me the thing is backed up about six different places in different versions and formats.
Must . . . Protect . . . Data.
Plans for today include a bunch of meetings and (hopefully) leaving early.
Something insane and amusing happened yesterday. I remember laughing about it and deciding that I would relate the tale in this post today.
I no longer remember the incident. If it comes back after coffee, I'll probably post again. It was awesome, I remember that much.


Pamela Moore said...

NO EDITING UNTIL THE CONTEST IS OVER! Didn't you read No Plot, No Problem? Rules is rules.

Of course, you'll probably be done by next Saturday. But NO CHEATING!

Garrick said...

Ok. I'll leave it in for now.
I know I'll need to remove it later as Dell servers wouldn't exist in the far future, Dell having been absorbed by the Wal-Mart conglomerate in chapter one right after the Bentonville MegaCorp bought out the government of France and the Catholic church.

Shana said...

Then I am a cheater too.

Cheater pants. I am wearing my cheater pants.

Next, they will be on fire and I will be spreading untruths.

It has been that kind of week.

Shana said...

In America, every vote counts.

Ouch. The burning.