Tuesday, November 21, 2006

As you probably know, Sunday Peter Jackson announced that he would not be directing The Hobbit from MGM/New Line.
Of course, nerds everywhere have completely (and justifiably) freaked right out.
Can The Hobbit even exist without Peter Jackson? Would I go see it with some hack directing?
Probably. But I could maybe resist until the DVD comes out since I read the book about twenty times. And we own the cartoon version.
Sunday night Shana and I watched Peter Jackson's best work, Brain Dead (Dead Alive).
Admit it. It has been too long since you viewed this gem from the early nineties.
While some of the dialog is a bit goofy, I blame that on the all Australian cast. The special effects are . . . not Lord of the Rings quality perhaps, but there are some similarities. For instance:

Sumatran Rat Monkey
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Also, I think Faramir could have completely cleaned up against all those orcs if he had carried a lawnmower.
Zombie metabolism is a bit weird in Jackson's vision. I would assume that, being dead, zombies would have an extremely slow metabolic rate. I think that's why the zombie baby is so surprising.
However, no matter how much they eat, I suppose there is always room for brains. I think more studies need to be done into the science of zombie digestion and reproduction. Just not by me.
I've got a soft spot for zombies, but as long as I avoid spicy food and kick boxing it doesn't give me too much trouble.


Andrew Moore said...

New Line should fly down to New Zealand and kiss Peter Jackson's wooly, Hobbit-esque ass. Seriously. The whole company.

This is how they repay their biggest earner?


Garrick said...

I agree.

Logistically, would the ass kissing be a giant clustered simultaneous mob or an orderly line for best effect?

I didn't even mention them busting The Hobbit up into two movies and tacking on a third "prequel" to the Fellowship of the Ring.

What the hell is that?

Andrew Moore said...

Hmm. Knowing the way he works, Peter Jackson would probably split up New Line into manageable groups, and have unit directors get their asses kissed for him, while he monitors the whole process via satelite.

The way Pete put it in the e-mail over at theonering.net he was looking at shooting "not just The Hobbit but a second 'LOTR prequel'..." I'm not all that up on my Tolkien, but is it possible that they intend to pull material together from The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, etc. to bridge the gap between The Hobbit and LOTR?

The Hobbit is the only Tolkien I've finished reading. I was really looking forward to seeing Pete Jackson's rendering of Smaug.

I wonder if this e-mail that got posted on theonering.net was Jackson's way of "throwing down the gauntlet" and forcing New Line's hand? Incite the biggest geek riot since Shatner said "get a life" and let the fanbase do the dirty work. If so, he's one crafty kiwi, and I hope it works.