Friday, April 27, 2007

And so anyway, over half of the disaster recovery servers have now been shipped to our secure location.
At least they are no longer threatening to crowd me out of my cubicle.
I'm not about being crowded out.
I've checked my calendar for today and there seems to be an odd blank space after 10am that stretches until Monday.
This could not be possible.
Could there really be a meeting-free Friday afternoon?
As soon as I'm done posting this I'm cancelling the 9am meeting to find out what is wrong with the server that keeps track of appointments.
But wait.
What if it is true?
What if I truly have a clear afternoon on a Friday with which to (gasp) accomplish things?
What would happen to the productivity graph if it were to actually slope upwards at the end of the week?
Hopefully, someone will send me a meeting invite to a long and drawn out discussion for something for which I am only peripherally involved.
Otherwise I fear for the very fabric of our existence, which will certainly be torn asunder beneath the crushing weight of the wrongness.
Do you suppose the "fabric of our existence" is a cotton/poly blend?

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