Monday, April 23, 2007

Yeah. Monday. Whatever.
This week marks a very special event on the national calendar (and two on our family calendar). Thursday is "Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day"!
I think there is a very special way this should be celebrated, and I'd like to request anyone with kids to participate in this manner:

Not at all.

Seriously. Our kids have enough issues. The only way a kid could ever possibly come out of seeing their parents at work with any kind of hope for the future is if their father is:

a. Tony Hawk
b. Batman

Any other job on the planet will let them know that as soon as they enter the workforce all attempts at coolness are stopped dead cold.

"Well," I can just hear myself, "This is the old cubicle. Yep. That's my spinning chair."

"No. I don't actually get to spin in it. More of a swivel. And this is my laptop."

"No. No games on it, really. It is against policy and there is a special program that checks for those and emails the CIO. And so this is my desk."

"Actually, I don't honestly know. All that was here when I moved in and I haven't thrown it out because I don't know if it is important."

"Yeah, I don't have a key to that."

"You can use that legal pad, but I need this one for the two hour meeting about procedures we are about to attend."

"So. . . . Want a Diet Coke? I'm saving the caps in this drawer here. Sometimes I like to just sit and count them."

"Nope. Sorry. Nine more hours like this."

"Don't cry. We usually wait until after lunch and do that in the stairwell as a group."

Let your children go to school like any regular day, my friends. It is too early to crush their dreams.

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Joe said...

Plus, Gwynyth might beat your record at time spent overcoming cubicle-based styrofoam barriers.

Which would doubtlessly result in a round of, "In your face, old man!" comments.

BTW, I have about 40 bottle caps for you to hoarde.