Thursday, April 05, 2007

The results are in.
The bold initiative taken by Congress in shifting Daylight Saving Time forward three weeks seems to have saved the nation . . . about nothing in energy costs.
It looks like the Department of Energy was right in the prediction that energy not used in the evening would just get used the following morning.
I said the same thing. Of course, so did Australia who tried this a couple of years ago and realized it was pointless.
No one listens to me and no one listens to the Australians.
With them, I assume the skepticism is due to their assortment of freak mammals -- but I just choose to take it personally.
From a tech perspective, the server patching was a massive pain in the outback and only actually worked in random cases.
Anyway, power companies are reporting in that there has been no impact on usage while congress persons are still congratulating each other for looking busy.
There are other considerations, I suppose, like the reduction in crime (but not criminals?) which is scheduled to pick back up in November.
Arbitrary and government-mandated changes are awesome!

On the subject of things which are government-mandated, I again attended jury selection proceedings on Wednesday.
Again I answered questions honestly.
Again I suppose I was deemed incapable of being impartial.
Justice will need to find its way without me, I suppose.
Someday they will pay. Oh, yes.
Someday they will all pay.

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