Monday, April 16, 2007

Friday night OMG!
I spent the evening (until after 4am) exploring the joys of the cube farm with a few of my co-workers.
We experimented with turning the lights on and off, playing MP3s on the laptops, and bouncing a rubber ball all over the multi-level parking garage. Until an unfortunate mis-bounce, I'd never considered the need for wearing a cup during Data Center Maintenance, but I know better now.
Also, we did our monthly maintenance during the approved outage window.
Together, we altered some network parameters, configured the voicemail server for restoration in the event of a failure and moved a few terabytes of user data from where it shouldn't be to where it should.
We even verified at the end that the users would be able to find their data in its new home. Go, Team Data Verification!
Saturday was less fun, since I got home about 5am and crashed a lot.
Gwynyth had a sleep-over and (because Shana is the bravest person in the world) three little girls attended Disney Princesses on Ice Saturday morning so that I could both sleep and not attend Disney Princesses on Ice.
Imagine if you will, being dragged around by three second grade girls who love princesses in one of the largest and most crowded venues in the world filled with overpriced sugar products (most of it pink) where you are the sole responsible adult, and you can well imagine what my spouse willingly endured so that I could sleep as much as the cats would let me. For those of you without kids, imagine walking into a twenty foot by twenty foot room filled with clear plastic tubing (some random parts electrified by some hidden wiring) and trying to capture and tag and release over and over the thirty incontinent ferrets dashing in and out of the pipe work. You lose if any of the ferrets is electrocuted, however mildly, and the exercise lasts for several hours. Oh, and there is Disney Princess stuff going on in the background the whole time.
The horror!
Of course, all "cool parent" points for the day went to Shana, so I feel obligated to buy Gwynyth a pony just to keep up.
Make that two ponies, since there was ice skating involved.

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